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The improved smart card of the present invention comprises 2 CPU’s, Memory, 3 LED’s (Red, Green, Blue), Self Powered, and a fingerprint (Biometrics) reader. The fingerprint reader is located so that a user’s finger is naturally positioned over the reader before the card is inserted into an ATM, POS, or other suitable card reader. When an individual inserts the smart card into the unit, the smart card creates an electrical representation of the individual’s fingerprint and compares the acquired representation to a stored fingerprint representation in the card’s memory. If the acquired representation matches the stored representation, the card is enabled, and the user is given access to information and/or services that require cooperation of the smart card.


The smart card is one of the latest addition to the world of information technology. The smart card has a microprocessor /memory chip embedded in it. The chip stores electronic data and programs that are protected by advanced security features. When coupled with a reader, the smart card has the processing power to serve many different applications. Smart cards provide data portability, security and convenience.

Smart cards currently are used in telephone, transportation, banking, and healthcare transactions, and soon to be used in Internet applications. Smart cards are already being used extensively in Japan and Europe and are gaining popularity in the U.S. The development of the smart card industry is moving very fast.

Unique to each individual or company, and on which can be stored any and all information required by the various sectors of society, as well as providing solutions to a range of other business needs (as are described below).

Fully encrypted and coded on several levels.




  • Fingerprint verification of ID
  • POS/ATM card systems


  • Verifiable ID document used for pay-outs (pension, UIF, salaries) and access, Driving License, Election control, other licensing.
  • Passport and Visa details, all by verifiable ID
  • Used in addition to Foreign Passports allows for verification of non-visa tourists


  • Credit rating
  • Credit & Debit card applications (with verifiable ID)
  • Verification of actual consumer (RICA process)


  • Access control & security
  • Insurance details
  • Medical Aid details which could include medic alert-type information
  • Retail Club Cards & loyalty programmes
  • Membership cards (unions, clubs, video stores, etc)

Customised needs:

  • Verification for deliveries of goods
  • Specific access control to areas of a company by visitors, deliveries, etc.
  • Specific access to Government facilities by members of the public


On a standard smart card the SIM chip can be removed and be replaced or changed to other smart cards.

The SIM chip on the Cylon card is a part of the board and can’t be removed.

On a standard smart card, the pin numbers / passwords are stored in the SIM chip, so it can’t be copied, using card programmers.

The Cylon card creates an electrical representation of the individual’s fingerprint and compares the acquired representation to a stored fingerprint representation in the card’s memory. If the acquired representation matches the stored representation, only then the pin number/password will be generated from the fingerprint.

The standard smart card has 1 CPU. The Cylon card has 2 CPU’s one looking after the other ‘s one’s security and any attempt of a compromise/copy then the CPU will shut down the card.

Transaction Device represents proprietary technology using a fingerprint (Biometrics) reader

Smallest GSM cellular device in the world

Device is unhackable and can store 64 GB of data

First to hide a fingerprint template in a photo on an ID card

First to perform a “cardholder present” verify on an ATM and a verify on a chip card

  • Cylon has developed a Secure Transaction Device (“STD”) that enhances verification and provides anti-fraud support
  • Cylon’s potential system enhances internet banking security and can also interact with ATMs and Point-of-Sale (POS) Systems
  • Designed to hold multiple cards within system and act as a “virtual” wallet
  • The technology is saved in a proprietary, Cylon-developed smart card which contains a fingerprint (Biometrics) reader, allowing for unique, individual identification
  • Has ability to function as both a credit and debit card, and could also be implemented within a cell phone, government ID, medical aid card, membership card, and numerous other identification related devices
  • Has functionality to be utilized for a variety of identity verification use-cases, including enterprise training, educational system exams (online modules), certification exams, internet banking, insurance authorization, and many others
  • Card is fully encrypted and coded on several levels, and Cylon has filed patents for its unique STD technology
  • Patent One: Modern Verification System – Results in Unhackable Biometric Solution
  • Patent Two: Multi-Layered Encryption Solution – Enables Enhanced Authentication and Verification
  • Patent Three: Uniquely Designed Current Booster – Provides Additional Current to Modem When Needed

Potential Applications

Government verifiable ID documentation and medical aid card authentication

Banking use cases include internet banking, credit and debit card use and online shopping

Enterprise uses include asset & data control, education (online modules) and insurance verifies

Opportunity to partner with global handset OEMs for use in cell phones

Identify Theft Affects a Broad Scope of Individuals

Identity theft occurs when someone uses personal information such as your name, Social Security number, credit card number or other identifying information to commit fraud.

  • Identity theft affects consumers and businesses globally and erodes trust
  • Generates over $21 billion in overall fraud losses annually for consumers
  • Results in over $11 billion global card fraud losses annually
  • Severe life impact when credit is destroyed
  • Inability to get jobs, housing and transportation
  • Affects roughly 5% of all US adults

Global Payment Network Spending Represents Opportunity for Fraud

Global payment network spending has increased at a 9.8% annual growth rate over the last five years as

Global Transaction Volume by


Global Transaction Volume by Payment Type

Source: Bloomberg Industries data 2013.

Note: Other represents different card providers as well as certain alternative non-card spending networks such as PayPal.

As a Result, Card-Related Fraud Losses are Significant

Global card fraud losses have increased at a 15.1% annual rate, revealing the critical necessity of a more effective personal identification and verification payment method

Global Payment Card Fraud Losses

($ in billions)

Source: The Nilson Report – Global Card Fraud (2006 – 2012 Editions).

Note: Certain figures are approximate and have been calculated using reported growth rates

Fake Documentation Results in Losses for Insurance Companies

Accurate Identity authentication is a critical necessity for insurance companies as fake documentation represents one of the industry’s main concerns regarding overall fraud

Types of Fraud Affecting Insurance Companies

(% of respondents indicating top concern)

Insurance Fraud Key Facts

The insurance industry consists of more than 7000 companies that collect over $1 trillion in premiums each year

Massive size of the industry contributes significantly to the cost of insurance fraud
Fraudulent claims account for 10%-15% of the non-life insurance industry’s incurred losses each year, according to a 2011 Capgemini study

The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) estimates that fraud rates are increasing 19% per year.

In the US, the FBI estimates that the total cost of insurance fraud (non-health insurance) is more than $40 billion per year

Source: Ernst & Young: Fraud in Insurance (2010-2011); Capgemini World Insurance Report (2011); FBI Reports and Publications – Insurance Fraud

Card #1: Proprietary Secure Transaction Device Technology.
Cylon smart card device enables advanced identification and verification utilizing innovative Biometrics-based solution and is effectively “unhackable.”

Progressive Design

Card consists of 2 CPU’s, memory, 3 LED’s (Red, Green, Blue), and a fingerprint (Biometrics) reader

Biometrics Solution

Employs a fingerprint card unique to each individual, on which any required information can be stored

Secure Device

Fully encrypted against unauthorized access and coded on several levels, rendering it “Unhackable”

Example of placement:

Card #2: Proprietary GSM Card With Advanced Cellular Modem

Cylon’s GSM-enabled smart card is currently the smallest GSM cellular device in the world and has the unique capability of sending “push-and-pull” messages rapidly.

  • This identity verification device comprises a cellular telecommunications modem
  • The modem is able to send and receive biometrics-based verification commands with a central server
  • The device is used in a networked telecommunications system sending messages utilizing “push-and-pull” methods
  • Device is able to work on existing systems and requires no new infrastructure in place
  • Physical card includes a battery and current booster to power the modem, a flash-based memory system, fingerprint scanner, antenna, and SIM card directly on the board
  • Card is designed to be minimally intrusive and is thin enough to act as a payment card
  • Currently is the smallest GSM cellular device developed in the world
  • Device has already been successfully used to send messages and store user dataCylon Global Technology Patent OverviewCylon filed three separate patent applications related to innovative Secure Transaction Device technology on August 30, 2013.
    Patent One: Modern Verification System – Results in Unhackable Biometric Solution.
    Patent Application Number: 1315570.0
  • Cylon’s identity verification device comprises a cellular telecommunications modem and a fingerprint scanner; solution is designed to securely verify individual users utilizing signals sent over a cellular network
  • Innovative device compares user fingerprint scans and already saved data within device flash memory system before verifying the user and transmitting a cellular response signal back to a central server for notification.
    Patent Two: Multi-Layered Encryption Solution – Enables Enhanced Authentication and Verification.
    Patent Application Number: 1315572.6
  • Represents a unique data encryption and decryption process in which data is encrypted using an encryption key derived from a fingerprint template; the data is stored in a flash memory system partially filled with random data values in order to conceal the fingerprint template
  • Decryption process is performed by first comparing the scanned fingerprint to the saved user template, and if there is a match, regenerating the encryption key from the previously stored template and using it to decrypt the data.
    Patent Three: Uniquely Designed Current Booster – Provides Additional Current to Modem When Needed.
    Patent Application Number: 1315571.8
  • Company’s power supply circuit for the modem of a mobile telecommunications device comprises a battery, modem, a current or voltage booster, and a switching circuit
  • Booster is uniquely designed to provide additional current to the modem when searching for a base station, as this is the stage in which batteries tend to require the most power

GSM Card User Steps For ATM Use

GSM Card User Steps For POS Systems

Simple POS use for consumers and merchants results in convenient, secure transactions

Multiple Secure Transaction Device Use-Cases are Available
Cylon’s device has been built in a way that allows for hardware flexibility and lends itself to numerous use cases that span and tap into multiple applications

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